Unreal Projects

All Unreal Engine projects have Dropbox links to the source codes as well as final products.

Toon Tanks

Crypt Raider is a small concept for a puzzle game. It contains a small dungeon with two basic puzzles as proof of concept.

Focuses of this project are:

  • Building a map from scratch using modular elements

  • Learning how to manipulate lighting to create an atmosphere that fits the project setting

  • Using C++ to allow the player to control objects

  • Using C++ to make triggers and trigger points

Toon Tanks is a C++ heavy project which opens up massive possibilities to be improved upon. In its current state, it is a testing game for basic AI, projectiles, and destruction.

Focuses on this project are:

  • Editing character meshes to make dynamic models i.e: models with 2 separate parts for movement and rotation

  • Basic AI for tracking the player and attacking

  • Destruction of models once certain health points are reached

  • Spawning of projectiles, as well as their pathways and registering hits

Crypt Raider Dropbox:

Toon Tanks Dropbox:

Simple Shooter

Simple Shooter is a project to familiarize myself with some more complex areas of game dev. While the map and assets were reused from another pack, the primary focus of this project was to create the foundation for a shooter that expands on techniques from the previous projects while focusing on incorporating animations and AI.

Focuses on this project are:

  • Incorporating animations and animation transitions to make movement look natural and believable.

  • Utilizing UE5's Blackboard AI tool to create enemies that target, hunt, search, and attack the player.

  • Creating a base weapon blueprint to adjust damage, fire rate, and other weapon stats.

  • A health system and visual indication of said health system for the player.

Crypt Raider

Simple Shooter Dropbox:

More projects to come, stay tuned :)